Page 1 Title: DWS International
“Sharing Proven Solutions”

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Congratulations on your decision to take a look at our work from home business opportunity and improving your life and lifestyle!

Page 2 Title: What Makes Us Different?
• We are very affordable. We can design a start-up package based on your budget and level of commitment.
• We work with you step by step to ensure your success. You’re independent but never alone.
• Our great system includes 5 free websites you can plug right into
• You can start making money in 7 days and be on way to realizing your goals and dreams

Page 3 Title: Just Imagine Your Future
• You love what you do every day…
• You have personal time for you and your family…
• You have money waiting for bills as they come in…
• You live in the home of your dreams…
• You’ll be able to work from YOUR own home or office…set your own hours…be your own boss…
• And you receive all the tax benefits of running a business!

Page 4 Title: You’ll be able to travel where you want…plus get your health in shape and your body in shape! (Imagine yourself here!)

Page 5 Title: Who you are or what you do doesn’t matter

• You may be a stay at home Mom or Dad and you’re looking into a business that you can do from home around your family.
• You may be a collage student or a doctor or a lawyer and you’re looking for something you can do on-line part time from your home or office.
• Or you could be a person looking for a career change or even a chance to run your own business!
• We are going to show you how you can live your dream and earn…
• Casual Part Time $200-$500 per month
• Serious Part Time $500 to $1500 per month
• Or would you like to earn $50,000 to $100,000 a year working full time?

Page 6 Title: None
• Think about this
• Where were you 5 years ago?
• Where did you think you would be today?
• How much money have you in your savings?
• Do you want the next 5 years to go the same way?
• Are you satisfied with your job, your boss, your income and your lifestyle?
• I sure wasn’t. I was told for things to change I had to change, for things to get better, I had to get better
• Are you ready for change?

Page 7 Title: Our Industry – The Wellness Industry
Economists who predicted PC & Internet boom now predict the Wellness Industry will be a TRILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY.

Currently: Baby boomers desire help with anti-aging, obesity, fatigue and disease. This creates a powerful wave of need for which we have the answers. People are looking for something where they can feel better, have energy to burn, get their health in shape and get their body in shape where there are no negative side effects!

Page 8 Title: Medical Professionals are recognizing the value of nutrition.

US Surgeon General says, “Your choice of diet can influence your long-term health prospects more than any other action you might take.”

MEDICAL DOCTORS use our products in their practices. Dr. Steven lost a total of 115 pounds!
Dr. Steve K. an Ob-gyn explains, “You can’t imagine how many times a day my patients ask me how to feel better, how to lose weight… As a physician, I feel confident recommending these products to my patients because they are tried-and-true formulas. “
“I have 1,300 patients on our products!”

Page 9 Title: Our Company – Herbalife International
Mark Hughes Founder of Herbalife.
A visionary who foresaw the current explosive wellness market in 1980!

Herbalife was born from the personal tragedy of Mark Hughes. His mother died of an accidental overdose of prescription diet pills. Since that day, Mark dedicated his life to helping people manage their weight and improve their health safely and effectively. Sales the first year skyrocketed to $2 MILLION! Now, Herbalife is a multi-national nutrition company doing business worldwide with sales in the BILLIONS.

Page 10 Title: Our Mission:
To Change people’s lives by providing the Best Business Opportunity and the Best Nutrition Products in the world!

Page 11 Title: 31 years in business
• 75 countries
• over 60 Million people have improved their health through better nutrition with Herbalife!

Page 12 Title: Record breaking sales last year, over $4.3 Billion in sales!
• Retention rate (people that stick around) a staggering 48.9%!
• PUBLICLY traded on the New York Stock Exchange

Page 13 Title: Our STAFF and Research Facilities
• Michael O. Johnson – CEO
President of Disney Int’l for 17 years. Michael is an award winning CEO and he is branding Herbalife for Success through TV and Newspaper advertising.

David Heber
Lou Ignarro
Luigi Gratton

Page 14 Title: Herbalife International Products

Our primary focus is personalizing 100% natural herbal-based
programs for health and weight management.
One of the most important meals of the day is Breakfast!
Our body wakes up in the morning and demand 114 nutrients!
What did you give yours? Criteria of a good breakfast provides
the body with all Vital Nutrients, for Energy and Water to help
maintain a normal Blood Sugar Level. Our Power Breakfast fits into everyone’s busy lifestyle.

Page 15 Title: New Power Breakfast!
Kickstarts your day! Energy, Endurance, Muscle Building, Fat Burning, Internal Cleansing, Helps with Hunger & Cravings, Improve Your Brain Function, You Can Feel The Difference!

Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake
Super Food for the body and allows you to have excellent nutrition on the go. What can you eat these days for $1.50? NOT MUCH!

Page 16 No title
For weight management, we basically have 3 programs to help you get stated, Fast, Faster and Fastest… The Starter Plan, The Basic Plan and the Ultimate Plan.

In addition we have a full range of Targeted Health products to help with energy, joint pain, digestion, women’s issues, heart health practically everything to help with your health and wellness.

Page 17 no title
Our secondary focus is our Outer Nutrition Products. They are the first skin care line to combine vitamins and minerals with botanicals to keep your youth and/or to reverse the aging process. We give people samples and they love them.

Our products and programs range in price starting from $10.00 to $20.00 and will vary according the persons needs and budget, $50.00, $100.00, $200.00 up to $300.00. So our products are affordable for everyone. Our job is to share with everyone what we have and how we can personalize our programs to suit them. We will teach you this system.

Page 18 Title: Products = Results!
We are a results driven company…Balanced Nutrition, Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition, Body Building, Skin Care or Anti-Aging products. 60 million people have had tremendous results on our products.

“I went from just getting through the day to really living!” – Monica H. Was reluctant and had it with yo-yo dieting. “My energy shot up and I changed my shape! 185lbs down to 150lbs. “I lost 35 pounds & 27 inches!” “Everybody wanted to know what I was doing,” she says, “and my business has been growing ever since!”

Page 19 Title: Products = Results!
“We’ve lost over 100 pounds!”
Beatriz R. lost 44lbs 165 down to 121lbs
Elias N. lost 70lbs 245 down to 175lbs
“Our weight was making us unhealthy – and miserable.”
Went from a size 14 to a 3 and, most importantly, she began “feeling terrific!”
“Now we’re both healthier than ever!”
Stephanie D: dangerously overweight at 15 years old, her doctor put her on Herbalife. Serious health concerns. She says, “Herbalife is easy to follow I like the food I could eat.” Lost 100lbs. 226 down to 126lbs. Now feels like a different person!
Page 20 Title: Products = Results!
Michael W. Health problems unbearable!
487 pounds
11 medications
High Blood Pressure
Sleep Apnea
Ulcerative Colitis
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Lost 310 lbs down to 177 lbs NOW, no medications & has a GREAT life!

Athletes from all over the world use Herbalife Products to help with their training and endurance. We sponsored a dozen athletes at the Beijing Olympics.

Page 21 Title: none
Herbalife products are not a cure all and are not a treatment for any medical condition. Herbalife products simply supply the body with proper nutrition in proper balance along with natures wisdom, herbs, and the body uses this nutrition to help improve how you look and feel.

Page 22 T.E.A.M. Herbalife Testimonials!
We work together as a team and we’re called TEAM Herbalife. Here are a few people who are using Herbalife products and are involved with the business.
“We went from having NO time and No money when we were farming…to having an incredible lifestyle! The best part is we are home with our kids, we travel the world, and we love what we do! Skeptical but couldn’t argue with our friend’s results, she lost 40lbs and acne gone. Darlene’s health a mess suffering from PMS, constipation, arthritis, and worst of all, migraine headaches. Immediately felt better, lost weight, best part, got off all her medications. Herbalife changed her life completely.

Feeling pretty good but you don’t know how good you can feel until you feel better. With farming, the extra energy was great and definitely helped with stress. I was tall and skinny, gained 25 pounds of muscle using the sporting program. At 51, I look and feel 20 younger! Absolutely Incredible! Our friends noticed and that got us involved with the business. Earned $97.00 profit when we got started and in our first 90 days we earned $1525.00. Our lifestyle is unbelievable! We went from having No Time, No Money… to having an incredible lifestyle! The best part is we are home with our kids, we travel all over the world, and we love what we do! Thank you Herbalife! – Wayde and Darlene D. Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada.

Page 23 Title: T.E.A.M. Herbalife Testimonials!
Rose, overweight, low energy and craved food all day long, never felt satisfied! Today, lots of energy, cravings gone, lost 23lbs, 15 inches, went from a size 10 to 4. Reshaped her body and feels better today in her 40’s than she did when she was 20… ”I love these products!” Rose M. Toronto Ontario, Can

Page 24 Title: TEAM Herbalife Testimonials!
“I was a fat, unhealthy and tired Grandma. I weighed over 300 pounds, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and back pain so bad I walked with a cane. My daughter lost 25lbs after the birth of her child. I tried everything and had given up. My husband is a biochemist specializing in supplements and looked into the Herbalife products. He found them to have science way ahead of anything he’d seen! On the Ultimate Plan, I lost over 160lbs in 15 months! I got off of 14 prescriptions and gave my cane away! I’ve kept the weight off for 7 years (January 2010) and I know I would not even be here today if it weren’t for Herbalife!” Tresa S. West Jordan, Utah USA.

Page 25 Title: TEAM Herbalife Testimonials!
Lin always struggled with an extra 25 pounds tried many other diet plans but could not stick with them. “I found it a quick and easy choice for breakfast and lunch and ate a normal evening meal as suggested. My energy level soared and I lost the 25 pounds.” Blood pressure now remains normal and triglycerides have dropped by 80 points. Not only do I feel great, but I can now fit into a size 6.
Bill: I “retired” from Corporate America and I was always interested in nutrition and wanted to do something that would make a difference in people’s lives. I was cautious at first but soon recognized that this was the business opportunity I was looking for. I started on the products not knowing what to expect. Right away I had a lot more energy! No more feeling drowsy in the afternoon. Wow I thought – these products really work! I went on the lose 20 pounds in a few months my blood pressure went down to normal has stayed down. My doctor told me, ‘I wish all my patients were as healthy as you.’ Absolutely incredible! We now work as a team. That’s how it all started for us.” Bill H. and Lin A. Schwenksville, PA USA.

Page 26 TEAM Herbalife Testimonials!
Working for others vs. working for yourself. “We have replaced our old stressed-out life with a wonderful life. Corporate America was not for Amanda. After working in several demanding and high-paying jobs, she discovered “I didn’t like working for someone else and needed a way out.” In December 1999, Amanda signed up to be an Herbalife Distributor. “Within eight months I was confident of our Herbalife business and quit my job.” She lost a significant amount of weight and took her business to the next level. Soon, her husband Nicolas quit his job as a dental technician and joined Amanda. Now, the couple is averaging $18,000 a month, they are looking for a new home and have just bought a new Lexus. Amanda and Nicolas attribute their success to consistent marketing and following and being a mentor. “As a mentor, you need to be more focused on the goals of your down line than your own. When you do that you’ll automatically achieve yours! Previous occupation: Loan Officer and Dental Technician.

Page 27 Title: How The Plan works – How We Get Paid
Working part time 10-15 hours a week
There are many ways to run this business
• Person to person,
• Online,
• On the phone,
• Nutrition classes/clubs,
• Weight Loss Challenges,
• Healthy Breakfast Programs
• Home Parties
To name a few, we’ll teach you step by step.
STEP 1 We teach you about our products and you can experience them yourself. We’re going to help you get results on the products, similar to what you have already seen.

STEP 2 We are going to help you get results in your business

Page 28 Title: How The Plan Works – How We get Paid
• Retailing – Customer Building is Fast Cash Flow
You can earn between $25-$50/ customer with $100 orders!
• As a Senior Consultant with 3 customers, you can fund your own products and you’re making money.
• As a Success Builder with 10 customers with $100 orders, you could earn $420.00. With our Grand Opening Plan, that’s our goal with new people in your 1st 10 days!
• As a Supervisor with 20 customers with $100 orders, you could earn $1,000 a month or $12,000 a year. Great part time income!
• Along with Referrals you get as many customers as you want.
• RETENTION – When people find something they like and get positive results, they have tendency to stick around and share it with others – REFERRALS.
• RECRUITING – Team Building – Long Term Solid Cash Flow.
• Mail box money!
• We’re going to teach you how to find at least 2 serious people or more, who want to make extra money and or get out of debt. How many people want to make more money?

Page 29 Title: How The Plan Works – How We Get Paid
You – 20 customers earning $1000/ month
1st line 2 people – Ken 20 cust => $1000/month Sherry 20 cust =>$1000/month
We’re going to teach those people this simple system and we’re going to teach you this system by doing it with you. You – 20 customers earning $1000/ month.
Graphic non copy of Ken and Sherry @ $1000/month then split to 2nd tier w/ 4 people, then 3rd tier with 8 people. And this continues world wide no limits deep or wide.

With this example, in your 1st 3 levels, that’s 14 people on your team who are running their own businesses, the company will pay you $2,450 a month plus the income you earn from your customers, $3,450 per month. And you can build as many teams as you want. If you build 3 Serious Teams, your income would be $8775 per month, $105,300 a year. That’s our system!

Page 30 Title: How To Get Started
The only qualities you need are:
1. You have to be teachable. Our trainings are ongoing mostly on the phone and online.
2. You have to be wiling to work and employ yourself.
3. You must be willing to help people.

To get started you need your International Business Package, which has your license to do business world wide in 75 countries.
• Training Manuals, DVDs and samples of both Inner and Outer nutrition.
• FREE Web sites to help build your businesses.
• Tax Benefits – your International Business Package may be tax deductible (may vary across the country).
• And we will personalize a range of products for you to use and to have as samples to suit your needs and budget.
• International Business Package is $67 and products range from $65 to $300.

Page 31 Title: How To Get Started
You can also start as a Customer, where you can try the products first. This option has our money back guarantee and gives you the confidence that our products work. Now that you have watched the presentation would you be:
A. Meaning you are happy with your financial situation right now but you would like to start the products as a customer.
B. Meaning you would like to start the products and the business on a part-time basis and start earning anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars a month with out disturbing what you’re currently doing.
C. Meaning you would like to start the products and the business on a full time basis where you could earn a career level income earning from $2500 to $10,000 a month in income. You want time and financial freedom!
Presented By: Bill Harrison
DWS International
T.E.A.M. Herbalife – Together Everyone Achieves More