Gold Business Plan

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1) Your Goals: 10,000 VP
a) Achieve 10,000 + personal volume points per month
b) Move up to the Platinum Business Plan
c) Qualify to be invited to the World Team Training Calls
d) Qualify for the OBS 10K parties at live training events
e) Register and attend for the next live training

2. Your Recruiting Plan
Work with your coach and use the training tools in your Recruiting Tab to build your business. Do the following:
a) 15 – 20+ Decision Packages out per month via wheel slots, call me leads & personal advertising
b) Wear The Brand with Herbalife.
c) Promote your business via Facebook and other social media tools.
d) Recruit from your customer base. Customers will get great results on the product and some will want to learn more about how to make money by selling them.

3. Your Retailing Plan
Get 15 retail customers (5 customers in the first month) Work with your coach and use the tools in your Retailing Tab to build your retail base:
a) Great Shape Today program, social media advertising (build a network of 1,000 people using Facebook) and the GST product newsletter (build a circulation list of 300 friends) OR host a Weight Loss Challenge/ Shake Party, social media advertising (build a network of 1,000 friends) and the GST product newsletter (build a circulation list of 300 friends).
b) Be a product of the product – people will notice a difference in you on the product (energy and weight) and you will make sales naturally from your success.
c) Invite 50 people per month into the Great Shape Today Community.
d) Wear the Brand with Herbalife.

4. Your results
5-7 new distributors to $400 to $500 gross profit
2-3 new supervisors (10,000vp) $800 gross profit
5 new retail customers to $500 to $700 gross profit
Earn up to $2,000 gross profit

*Gross profit does not include advertising costs, which will vary depending upon a person’s individual efforts and marketing budget.

5) Your Training Calls
Mondays 5PM PST
Great Shape Today Training Call 712-432-2900 Code: 2222#
Wednesdays 5PM PST
Movie Night Product Training Call 916-233-3335 Code: 2222#
Thursdays 6PM PST
Retail Round Table Training Calls / Weight Loss 916-233-3335 Code: 2222#
Mondays & Thursdays 6:30PM PST
Weight Loss Challenge Training Calls 916-233-3335 Code: 2222#
Invite Only Power Recruiting Call
Invite Only Fast Track Call

*Talk to your Coach to choose which calls are most suitable and click here to print out the Training Call Calendars.

Training Tips
1. Schedule the key calls into your calendar. People who are successful in business get plugged in right away and are accountable to their business.
2. It is important to know that you might not see all of your profit in your first month of business. The key to success is consistency! If you stick to your business plan you will have 10 customers the following month averaging between $750-1,200 gross profit and and Distributors and Supervisors duplicating your plan that you will earn wholesale, royalties and bonuses on. Remember if you need more cash flow in your business – increase your retail sales!