PART VI – Handling Retail Objections


1. I have to ask My Doctor
–Does your Dr. want you to be on a low fat, low calorie, high nutrient diet?
–Take the program to your Dr. and have him circle everything you are not allowed to have. Tell a Dr. story.
–Ask him if there is a medical reason you can’t use good health care supplements.


2. I have to ask my husband.
–No problem what time will you be talking to him tonight, I’ll call you then.
–No Problem. Are the 2 of you going to use the program? I just spent 45 minutes with you. What time will you be talking to him tonight? Great. I’ll give you a call then and give him a brief overview of what we are doing. Talk to you then.
–I thought you told me you were doing this for yourself not for your husband. Tell a similar story.


3. My husband has the money.
–No problem what time will you be talking to him tonight, I’ll call you then.
–No problem, we take Visa or Mastercard


4. I can’t afford it.
–How many years have you needed to lose weight? I am offering you a program that will cost you a fraction of the money you spend on groceries to keep the weight on. You will save at least $$$ on your grocery bill then tell a story.
–You said you go out for lunch everyday, by not buying lunch will more then pay for the program.
–You smoke don’t you? Well this costs about the same as a pack of cigarettes and it will give you better health.
–Find another addiction (i.e.: chocolate, diet pop, chips, etc.)


5. I have arthritis so can I take it or I’m on this medication or that drug?
Labeling laws and a story


6. I’ve heard that that ingredient will do this or that.
I don’t know about that but I do know that I have been taking it for 7 years and I’m as healthy as a horse.


7. I am allergic to this or that ingredient.
–No problem lets just do an allergy test under the tongue because my customer had the same problem and tell the story.
–No problem we’ll get you on our allergy program.


8. I can’t swallow so many pills.
–No problem we have a tablet crusher.
–No problem’ neither could my Mom-in-law until she lost 5 lb. in 4 days.


9. I hate shakes.
No problem you can have it in yogurt, make bars, put it on your cereal, make popsicles, etc.


10. Will I have to take this forever?
–We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it but let me tell you about……tell a story


11. I only eat one meal per day and can’t lose weight.
No problem, tell a story about an increase in metabolism or even a thyroid story.