Herbalife Products Alert Warning: Dangerously High Levels of Lead Toxins,
says Fraud Discovery Institute

– When taken as recommended, Herbalife Weight Management Program results in
Cumulative Lead Exposure 45 Times (4,636 percent) higher than Legal Maximum
Exposure, says Expert – –High Lead Levels Pose Potentially Significant Violations of
California Proposition 65

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SAN DIEGO/EWORLDWIRE/May 19, 2008 — The Fraud Discovery Institute (FDI)
released warning of dangerously high levels of lead allegedly found in six common
Herbalife products.

The study, which included lab analysis by an FDA-registered lab, plus medical
literature, Herbalife’s product literature and various peer reviewed medical journal
articles written about the numerous cases of hepatoxicity associated with the use of
the same Herbalife products, was reviewed by Christopher Grell, co-founder of the
Dietary Supplement Safety Committee and lawyer specializing in dietary
supplement litigation. The alert can be viewed at the Fraud Discovery Institute’s
website (‘http://www.frauddiscovery.net’).

According to Grell, the six Herbalife products tested showed levels of lead that are
both dangerous and that are in excess of what the law allows under California’s Safe
Drinking and Toxic Environment Act of 1994, more commonly known as Prop. 65.
The Proposition was intended by its authors to protect California citizens and the
State’s drinking water sources from chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects
or other reproductive harm, and to inform citizens about exposures to such

According to California law, the maximum daily exposure to lead is .5 micrograms
per day for chemicals that are known to cause developmental problems, and 15 mcg
per day for chemicals that are known to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other
reproductive harm. Lead is listed in both categories in California since it may cause
irreversible neurological damage as well as renal disease, cardiovascular problems
and reproductive toxicity. Adults with lead poisoning have increased incidences of
depression, aggressive behavior, and antisocial behavior. Men with lead poisoning
tend to have lower sperm counts; women have an increase in miscarriages and
smaller babies.

The findings issued today allegedly show:
1. Herbalife’s Thermogetics – 0.663 mcg of lead per tablet. Each tablet is in
excess of the maximum daily exposure level. When you consider that
Herbalife recommends that the consumer take three tablets three times a
day, taking Herbalife’s Thermojetics results in 5.967 mcg of lead every day,
more than 11 miles (1100 percent) the maximum exposure allowed per day.

2. Herbalife’s Shape Works Cell Activator – 0.294 mcg of lead per capsule,
which is below the .5 limit. However, Herbalife recommends that this product
be taken three capsules at a time three times a day. As a result, using the
product as directed will result in daily lead exposure of 2.637 mcg a day, or
five times (500 percent) the maximum exposure level.

3. Herbalife’s Multivitamin Complex – 0.344 mcg of lead per tablet. Herbalife
recommends that the consumer take three tablets per day. As a result, a
person using this product would be exposed to 1.032 mcg of lead, or two
times (206 percent) the maximum level.

4. Herbalife’s Tang Kuei Plus – 0.363 mcg per tablet. Herbalife recommends
that this product be used up to three times a day. If used as directed, the
person would be exposed to 3.2 mcg of lead, more than 6 times (640 percent)
the maximum exposure.

5. Herbalife;s Shapeworks Protein Drink Mix – 3.05 mcg of lead per servings.
The recommended serving amount per day is 2 times. As a result, a person
using this product as directed would be exposed to 6.10 mcg of lead, more
than 12 (1220 percent) times the maximum level.

6. Herbalife’s Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix – 2.12 mcg of lead per
servings. Again, the recommended serving amount is twice a day, resulting in
a 4.24 mcg exposure to lead per day. This is almost 8.5 (848 percent) times
more than the maximum exposure level.

Says Grell, “If a consumer taking each of these products as a part of Herbalife’s
Weight Management Program, which is entirely possible, the individual would be
exposed to 23.179 mcg of lead per day, or forty-five times (4,636 percent) more
than the maximum exposure. Ironically, it is a health and nutrition company that
appears to be selling a product that amounts to nothing more than a lead cocktail.”

Signs and symptoms of lead poisoning in adults may include:

-Pain, numbness or tingling of the extremities
-Muscular weakness
-Loss of appetite
-Abdominal pain
-Memory loss -Mood disorders
-Reduced sperm count, abnormal sperm
-Heart failure
-Kidney failure
-High blood pressure
-Wrist or foot weakness
-Anemia Fatigue

Fraud Discovery Institute’s Co-founder Barry Minkow, who recently issued a report
claiming fraudulent activity at Herbalife that resulted in the resignation of the
company’s president, says, “One of the symptoms of lead poisoning is reduced
appetite. Could this be the secret behind Herbalife’s Weight Management Program?”

For more information, visit ‘http:www.frauddiscovery.net’

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