Ad Recruiting Invite Script

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Hi_________, this is _________, I am returning your call in response to our Work ad. How are YOU today? I am doing GREAT, but busy, so let me ask you a few questions & then I will give you all of the
details, O.K?

* Are you currently working? What type of work do you do? GREAT! *
*What type of work have you done before? GREAT!
* Are you looking for part-time, full-time, or a career change?
* What languages do you speak? (Spanish, Greek > Great…we need help with that)
* What is your phone# & email address? (only if you answer live)

Let me tell you about our company and what we are looking for, then we will see if we have a mutual
interest, O.K?

Our company’s name is HERBALIFE INTERNATIONAL, are you familiar with us? (whatever they say>>you say GREAT & continue on) We have been established for over 31 years, currently we are operating in 75 countries. Last year we over 4.2 BILLION in business. We are the Leader of the WELLNESS INDUSTRY, which as you know, is the Leading Industry in the World today. We market Health & Nutrition, targeting Weight loss, Fitness, Health Care,& Anti-Aging. We are expanding very rapidly, and we are looking for a few key people to help with our Tremendous Growth.

Work at Home is available, flexible hours, paid vacations, full-training, & plenty of room for growth for the right individuals. We are looking to fill 3 areas: First Customer Service… someone with good people skills, secondly, Wellness Coaches, so someone who has an interest or background in health & fitness, and thirdly we are looking for People to Train, & Supervise groups of people locally, nationally, as well as internationally. What I am looking for above anything _________,is someone who is Self Motivated, has GOOD work Habits, & who has a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Does this sound of any interest to you so far? GREAT!

Webinar invite: We will be holding a Webinar Orientation which will give you the full details about our
company and industry and what we are looking for. I will send you a link to register. What is your email
address? Once you receive the email reply back, then make certain to register for the Webinar indicating
you were invited by me: Karen Feiger. After the Webinar is over you can contact me directly at (310)XXX-
XXXX and we will speak further.

Live HOM invite: We’ll be conducting appointments on (Tuesday at 7pm /Saturday 9:45am/Date at our
Torrance Corporate Headquarters. You will be able to work in your area, this is where we hold our
appointments.Please get a pen & paper, & I will give you the location, & we will make an appointment
together. Tell me when you are ready to write? First, write down my name_________, & my phone
number__________. Our appoinment will be on ________at ______am/pm. conducted at our Torrance
Corporate Headquarters , at 950 West 190th St., Torrance 90502, off the 405 freeway Normandie exit
(coming from south to north) or Vermont exit (coming from north to south) We are on the corner of 190th st
and Vermont and the entrance is on 190th st. Ring the button at the security gate and let them know you
are here for an appointment, parking is free. Go to the Lobby, sign in and let them know you are here to
see me:____________. Nice casual attire, allow 1 1/2 hours for your appointment. We will have a short
orientation 1st, which will answer ALL of your questions regarding our part-time and full-time work and I will
look forward to meeting you Tuesday 7pm /Saturday 9:45am, Have a Great day/night !

TIPS:1) Smile, Have a Glass of HERBAL CONCENTRATE, & a GREAT ATTITUDE…before you get on the phone.

2) GET OFF the Phone Immediately after completing the script…the LESS time you spend with each call,
the MORE people you can talk to, & sign up!

3) Listen, Listen, Listen…We have 2 ears & 1 mouth for a reason. Our job is to show them a solution to their problems, their job is to decide to take our solution or to keep their problem.

4) Invite 4x as many people as you want to show…ex: for 5 guests to show up, invite 20 ! FOCUS ALWAYS on the ones who show, not those who do not.5) Record Yourself: How do you sound? Are you
Enthusiastic? Professional? Would YOU show up if you were the person calling? Don’t criticize yourself,
just be Honest & refine & improve where needed. Ask your sponsor for suggestions, or 3-way them on to
listen in on your calls.

6) Do Not Beg…we have THE GREATEST OPPORTUNITY in the WORLD…& remember…they called

7) Stand Up…this helps you to feel & to sound more confident. If someone tries to control the conversation,
tell them you have another call, & to please hold (click for a moment to the other line to compose yourself,
then click back & continue the conversation).

If they are RUDE or ARROGANT, you do not want to work with them anyway….tell them nicely that this will
not work out. Wish them Good Luck, & get off the phone, & on to the next NICE person.

8) Most Important: YOU will get Better & Better, so NEVER, NEVER, NEVER EVER Quit !!!!!!!