The beauty of this site is that it was likely started long before the FTC investigation was initiated. Now, it doesn’t matter what PR Herbalife throws against the wall – the only thing that’s going to stick is going to be the action that the FTC takes. Again, with the chisel.

Anyone else notice these gems at the bottom of specific testimonials?

Best testimonial wins! Even defending themselves from allegations of duping their distributors, they’re still duping their distributors!

I contend that when the FTC uncovers information about how Herbalife has been conducting its business it will likely shut the company down in the U.S. If the FTC doesn’t shut the company down, they will impose sanctions that will likely prevent Herbalife from the type of growth they’ve had in the past – it’ll either be slowly or quickly, but in my opinion, Herbalife only has one way to go for the long-term, and that’s downward.