Shake Lead Wheel Slot

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Shake Buyer Leads
• Shake Lead Drops in Retail CM
• Process Card for $4.95
• Call With Shake Lead Confirmation & Upgrade Script
• Goal is to Upgrade to Full Program
• Ship Formula 1 Shake & Product Catalog

Page 4: Shake Lead confirmation and Upgrade Script – Retail GST
Shake Lead – This lead has ordered a FREE shake canister (750g Vanilla) for 15 days for only $4.95 shipping/handling. The idea here is to upgrade your Shake Lead into a weight loss program or at the very least ship them a shake re-order after the trial period for $39.95.

This Shake Lead is a highly qualified lead already signed up for the Shake Trial. Using this script you will try and upgrade them on your call into one of our custom designed weight-loss programs.

Hi (name), this is (your name) from Great Shape Today regarding the weight-loss shake order you just placed online. How are you today? Great!
Q: Tell me (name), why are you interested in losing weight (e.g. have a wedding coming up, vacation, need to fit into a dress, etc) (*Get to their ‘WHY’)
Q: How many pounds are you looking to lose? And what is your current height and weight? (make notes) (If they don’t want to answer say ‘no problem’)

Page 5: Shake Lead Confirmation & Upgrade Script
Excellent! (Name) you are absolutely going to love this program! It’s going to be the last diet you ever have to go on!…it sure was for me! (or my coach!)

(Tell your personal weight-loss story. How you got on a program, how good you felt within days, how you had more energy, what weight you lost over x period of time and how you have managed to keep it off. Keep it brief and natural. *If you don’t have one-Tell your coaches story!

OK (Name), we have 3 programs designed around this shake you ordered. W call them our QUICKSTART, ADVANCED & ULTIMATE. We have really amazing success stories with people losing up to 20 lbs a month and the programs start at just $2.76 per meal so it can actually save you money on your grocery bill as well.
Q: Are you interested in hearing about these three programs (Name)?
If NO: “OK, no problem. I will process this order for your shake right now, and if at any time you want to find out about the 3 programs, I will be here to let you know. Skip to end of script – confirm address/ billing info.”)