The Fitness Center Model

Page 1 Title: Introducing “The Fitness Center Model” – Wellness and nutrition for a better life

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Page 2 Title: Our Mission

• To change people’s lives by providing the best nutrition,
weight management, and highest grade products in the
• To improve stamina, endurance levels and performance!
• To combine the best of science and nature for a lifetime of
good health
• To provide a proven business opportunity that empowers
people to achieve their dreams, financial freedom and the
rewards of helping others

Page 3 Title: No Title
“The doctor of the future will give no medicine
but will interest his patients
in the care of the human frame, in diet,
and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
– Thomas Edison

Page 4 Title: Who We Partner With:
• Health Clubs / Gyms
• Community/ Recreational Centers
• Sport / Athletic Clubs
• Fitness Centers
• Physical Therapists
• Personal Trainers
• Chiropractors
• Women’s Clubs
• Nutritionists
• Physical Rehabilitation Centers
• Non Profits Organizations!

Page 5 Title: Michael O. Johnson – Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
Michael O. Johnson is not only the Chairman and CEO of Herbalife. He is also an accomplished triathlete of almost 15 years!

• Sector: SERVICES / Drugs Wholesale
• Officer since April 2003
• 17 years with The Walt Disney Company
• President of Walt Disney International
• President of Asia Pacific for The Walt Disney Company
• President of Buena Vista Home Entertainment.
• Served as a publisher of Audio Times magazine
• Has directed the regional sales efforts of Warner Amex Satellite
Entertainment Company, including MTV, Nickelodeon and The Movie

Page 6 Title: Our Team
• David Heber, M.D., PhD., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.N. Chairman of Herbalife Medical Advisory Board. Director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition. Longtime UCLA nutrition researcher and renowned author of: What Color Is Your Diet? and The L.A. Shape Diet.
• Luigi Gratton, M.D., M.P.H. Medical Advisory Board, Medical Affairs Education
• Louis Ignarro, M.D., PhD. Scientific Advisory Board, Nobel Prize for Medicine 1998.
• “More than any other single factor, nitric oxide may be the key to living a longer, healthier life.” – Dr. Ignarro 2003.

Page 7 Title: Herbalife Cellular and Molecular Nutrition Lab (UCLA Campus)
Graphics of UCLA and sports teams

Page 8 Title: The Reality of Our Daily Diet

Page 9 Title: Cellular Nutrition

Page 10 Title: The Power of Protein
Graph shows refined sugars, complex carbs, lean proteins, complex carbs with meal replacement shakes as being the most sustained amount of energy.

Page 11 Title: 5 Successful Models to Take the Products to the End User

Page 12 Title: Model #1: Health Surveys
There are only 2 important elements to focus on:
1. Energy Level
2. Ideal Weight – BMI

Page 13 Title: Model # 2: Weight Loss Challenges
12 Week Program Targeting Different Topics as Follows:
Week 1: Importance of Protein
Week 2: How Much Water Do I Need and Body Composition
Week 3: Maximizing Your Metabolism
Week 4: Importance of Cleansing and Healthy Villi
Week 5: Nutrition Labels, Shopping and Good Carbs
Week 6: Sugar
Week 7: Good -vs- Bad Fats, and Bad Carbs
Week 8: Importance of Fiber
Week 9: Exercise and Stress
Week 10: Dining Out
Week 11: Keeping Your Heart Healthy
Week 12: Maintaining Your Long Term Health

Page 14 Title: Model #3: Sample Packs
• Meal replacement shakes for post-workout
• Superior antioxidants to reverse oxidation
• Supplementation to sustain higher metabolism
throughout day
• Healthy snack alternative low in sugar,
• Educational materials included

Page 15 Title: Model #4: Eat Cheap


Page 16 Title: Model #5: Healthy Breakfast
-replaces fluid lost during night
-increases metabolism
-soothes and cleanses digestion
-increases energy levels to burn calories
-great before workouts
-alleviates pain, relieves inflammation
-19 vitamins/minerals/herbs/antioxidants/fiber
-easily digested, fast absorption profile
-faster muscle building
-maximizes post-workout recovery

Page 16 Title: Fitness Success Stories
John McGowan, Bodybuilder USA: “I began bodybuilding at the age of
41, on a dare from one of my gym
buddies. As a result of using Herbalife’s products, I was able
to lose 20 pounds of body fat and six inches from my stomach in
only five weeks. My body became sculpted, hard and vascular. When I
stepped out on stage for the first time, I was competing with 13 other
guys that were half my age and I won the Novice class! I went on to
win an unprecedented triple-win, again against men that were half
my age. I received the coveted Pro-status Card in the Natural Body
Building world–all within a 12-month period! Herbalife gave me that
edge. If I can do this naturally, without using steroids and such, anyone
can! Now at the age of 43, I still continue to train hard and get amazing
results! I plan to do this for many years to come!”

“How I did it” (graphic didn’t copy)
• Aminogen and Cell-U-Loss are key for building muscle strength and definition
• To lose body fat, try increasing your cardiovascular activities with cycling or running.
• To gain mass, work on weight training one-body-part-perweek and make sure you give your muscles time to recover.
Product Musts:
• Niteworks™
• Cell-U-Loss®
• Total Control®
• Joint Support
• N-R-G Nature’s Raw Guarana Tablets
• Peach Herbal Concentrate

Page 18 Fitness Success Stories
Amanda & Nick Mikkael, Fitness Enthusiasts, USA

“I initially started out with wanting
to lose body fat and gain muscle. Nick originally wanted to
gain muscle, lose fat and have a defined mid-section.
Herbalife provided the balanced and optimum nutrition–
as well as the convenience–for us to achieve these goals. We
weight-train three days a week and do cardio on opposing
days, which has proven to be a great combination that keeps
our body fat low and doesn’t take a lot of time out of our

How I did it:
• Munch on Herbalife’s delicious protein bars for added fuel.
• Start out with a small goal such as a 90 day plan rather than an all-or-nothing attitude, so that plan working out doesn’t seem daunting
• Try adding music to your routine with an MP3 player to make your exercise more enjoyable.
Product Musts:
• ShapeWorks™ Formula 1 Nutirional Shake Mix
• Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex
• Formula 3 Personalized Protein Powder
• Herbal Concentrate
• Niteworks™
• Herbal Aloe Drink
• Herbalifeline®

Page 19 Title: Fitness Success Stories
Richard Meeker National Cycling Champion, USA

“Cycling is a highly competitive field,
and I’m a bit older than a lot of the guys
I’m competing against these days. It’s
important that I have an edge. My
Herbalife nutrition program has been vital in keeping my stamina
and strength high and my recovery times short. My training
sessions are more productive, my competitive performance is way
up and, with the increase I’m getting in my oxygen absorption, it
feels like I’ve got an extra lung! I may be getting older, but I’m
feeling stronger.”

How I Did It:
• Take a Formula 1 Nutirional Shake Mix an hour before and an hour after every workout and every competition
• Make health supplements (like Formula 2 multivitamin Complex, Cardio ToconOx® and Schizandra Plus) an important part of every day
• Take notes of progress and improvements – it’s a great way to motivate yourself
Product Musts:
• Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix
• Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex
• Niteworks™
• Schizandra Plus

Page 20 Title: Why Herbalife?
• Pharmaceutical Grade
• NYSE – HLF-Traded
• 29 years in business
• Extraordinary Leadership
• Over 45 Million Success Stories
• Worldwide Recognition
• Doing Business in 70 countries

Page 21 Title: Hydration to Thrive during your workout
H3O ™
This thirst-quenching, 3-in-1 drink mix
1) Rapid hydration
2) Sustained energy plus
3) Powerful antioxidant protection
Key Benefits:
• Quenches thirst
• Replaces lost fluids.
• Essential electrolytes
• Energizing carbs
• Powerful antioxidants
• No caffeine
• A healthier alternative

Page 22 Title: Energy to Drive Your Workouts
Nature’s Raw Guarana Tea Mix & Tablets
•  Infused with guarana
•  Increases mental alertness
•  Helps maintain energy.
•  This zesty, yet gentle tea is a natural pick-me-up

• Enhance mental performance
• Improve short-term memory
• Fight fatigue.
• Enhances endurance with
Vitamins C, B6 and B12
• 0 Calories, 1 Carb, 0 Sugar

Page 23 Title: Protein To Fuel Your Body
Bulk & Muscle Formula
Protein Drink Mix
• Helps build and maintain
lean muscle
• Essential amino acids, plus
24 vitamins and minerals
• Energizes with herbs for
peak muscle exertion.

Formula 1 Instant
• Optimal mix of carbohydrate and
high-quality protein quickly
restores energy levels and drives
muscle recovery.
• Antioxidants enhance postexercise
repair of muscle tissue.

Page 24 Title: Vitamins and Minerals to Enhance Recovery
Joint Support Advanced
• contains glucosamine to support healthy joint function
• contains the herb scutellaria for antioxidant and healthy aging benefits
• manganese, selenium and copper to support the body’s natural antioxidant activities

Protein Bars
• Helps restore your energy and replenish
your body with 23 vitamins and minerals,
and fiber.
• Packed with 12g of healthy soy and whey
protein to support muscle recovery.

Page 25 Title: Herbalife in Action

Page 26 Title: The Challenge, The Solution

• Levels of compensation are dependent on area of
specialization and activity
• New Member sign–ups are down
• Today’s Economy has crippled
the earning power of the vast
majority of Fitness Centers and
Personal Trainers
• This is a Business relying on the
consumers Discretionary Income
• Clients NEED to see results if
they are going to continue their training programs

Offer a comprehensive wellness
service in Fitness Centers and
• Exclusive programs that attract
new clientele
• The nutritional solutions are built
into the Clients training plan
• A turnkey model that points to
appropriate product and lifestyle
• Proven Programs with established results

Page 27 Title: Wealth Through Wellness
• Our Fitness Centers and Trainers are adding an additional $2k – $10k in revenue or income per month.
• Partnering with other Fitness Centers and Trainers will result in $10k-$20k in additional income per month!

Page 28 Title: The Question
If We Could Show You a Way That You Could:

Dramatically improve the wellness of your clients through a highly ethical, clinically proven protocol while increasing revenue to your facility without adding extra staff or equipment… Would that have Value to YOU?

Page 29 Title: Revenue Share Plan
• Health Club owner creates minimum consumer group volume of $2,500 monthly through Health Survey, Sample Packs, and Weight Loss Challenges at your Facility
• Owner has 5 personal trainers who will do Step 1

Page 30 Title: 1st Growth Stage
Revenue Volume $ 12,500
Monthly Income
50% Retail $ 1,250
5% Royalty Override $ 625
0% Production Bonus $ 0
Monthly Income $ 1,875
Annual Income $ 22,500

Page 31 Title: 2nd Growth Stage
Organizational Volume $ 62,500
Monthly Income
50% Retail $ 1,250
5% Royalty Override $ 3,125
2% Production Bonus $ 1,250
Monthly Income $5,625
Annual Income $ 67,500

Page 32 Title: 3rd Stage Growth
Organizational Volume $ 212,500
Monthly Income
50% Retail $ 1,250
5% Royalty Override $ 10,625
6% Production Bonus $ 12,750
Monthly Income $24,625
Annual Income $ 295,500

Page 33 Title: Take Your First Steps
• Ask yourself a couple of simple questions?
• If there were 2 things that you would improve
about your clients results, what would they be?
• Does your facility offer you generational wealth?
• Does your facility offer you royalties?

Page 34 Title: Take Your First Steps
Student Debt Statistics:
• Public Two-Year College $8,722
– An increase of 48% in the last 10years
• Public Four-Year Out-of-State Tuition $23,216
– An increase of 83% in the last 10years
• Private Four-Year In-State Tuition $89,232
– An increase of 62% in the last 10years
Startup investments:
• Ave. debt for graduates in 2008 was over $21,000
• Success Business Package $249
source: College Board trends_pricing_07

Page 35 Title: Getting Started is as Easy as 1-2-3
STEP 1: Purchase a Success Business Package
which includes:
1) Your license to distribute Herbalife Products at
a 25% Gross Profit
2) Personal products for your use so you
get a personal result allowing you to make
recommendations to your clients
3) Our multi-million dollar on line support and infrastructure – just like you see here!

Page 36 Title: “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” – Vince Lombardi